What is Strategic Enrollment Management?

There are many moving pieces to Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM). It encompasses the holistic approach that schools and districts should use to attract, enroll, and retain students and families. SEM is a common and widely-practiced concept in higher education, but our goal is to help K-12 administrators across the nation utilize this strategic thinking to create sustainable futures in their schools and districts. Below, you’ll find the full breakdown of Strategic Enrollment Management for the K-12 sector.

The First Step in Strategic Enrollment Management: Marketing

Just like any other relationship, whether it’s business or personal, you have to find your intended audience and get them in the door! “Marketing” isn’t a term or activity most schools have typically prioritized, or even incorporated into their strategic plans. But with school choice on the rise and families “shopping” for the best school, that’s changing. More than ever before, schools need to stand out in their community because doing so directly impacts student enrollment. This is why it’s considered the first step in becoming strategic with enrollment management.

To keep the conversation going, we’ve scheduled a live discussion on August 25th with SchoolMint’s Chief Enrollment Officer and leader of the K-12 Strategic Marketing Solutions, Nick LeRoy, and you’re invited! He’ll explain the basics around the 4 Pillars of School Marketing that every school and district should be using. You’ll learn the foundational marketing practices, strategies, and tactics that are proven to work in education. He’ll also discuss student recruitment initiatives that work and the importance of student retention. It’s a session you won’t want to miss. Register today!

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