Families are looking for the best education fit for their children. Providing an accessible and easy-to-use application process not only helps them reach their goals, it helps you reach your enrollment goals, too.


Online application and lottery management increases transparency and creates an equitable, efficient, and fair process. Join us as we discuss how shifting to a paperless system empowers families, expands access, and ensures data accuracy.

During the webinar we’ll discuss:

  • The impact of mobile applications
  • How multilingual content drives enrollment diversity
  • Why real-time status updates matter, especially to families
  • How to customize and run an online lottery – in minutes (not days)
  • Gaining visibility into your entire application flow with analytics

Join the conversation. Ask your questions in a live Q/A session and find out if online application and lottery management is your next move.

Who should attend the webinar:

Administrators and staff from charter schools and school districts with an application process (for transfers or choice programs).

This webinar is intended for those unfamiliar with SchoolMint. For parents and SchoolMint users who need support, please visit our support page.


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