District Facts

Location: Nashville, TN
5-8 Enrollment: 351
Staff: About 20 Teachers

Demographics: 46% African American/Black, 31% Hispanic/Latino, 21% Caucasian, and 2% Asian.

Creating a Culture of Feedback to Support Teacher and Leader Development.

The Challenge

STRIVE Collegiate Academy is a mid-size charter school in Nashville, TN that serves 351 students in grades 5-8. After founding the school in 2015, founder and principal LaKendra Butler attended Relay’s National Principal Academy Fellowship (NPAF) program to build instructional leadership skills and learn best practices for coaching and supporting teachers. Butler quickly realized that to create a sustainable culture of feedback and best support both teachers and leaders, they needed a system to help manage their observation and feedback processes. 

The Results (Data Points):

Total Touchpoints to Date
Meetings Held
Action Steps Given (with approx. 60% mastered to date)
of Monthly Goal Met for Coaching Expectations
  • Meetings, feedback, goals, and action steps were all held on the same observation and coaching platform.

  • Created an effective and consistent culture of feedback between staff and administration.

  • Used the Relay program in SchoolMint’s platform; linked observations directly to the classroom rubrics.

“Relay helped us put more structure around coaching and teacher growth. We took that structure (aka: rubrics)  and put it into the [SchoolMint] system and that let us simply and honestly link what was happening in the classroom to the components of the rubrics. Linking observations directly to the rubrics was powerful for our teachers.” 

-LaKendra Butler, Strive Collegiate Academy Founder

The Solution

  1. Acquire a customizable, online platform for observations and instructional coaching to support the Relay program.
  2. Find one digital hub to house all Professional Development communications and feedback.
  3. Create consistency and measurables follow-ups within coaching practices.
  4. Leverage data to make informed decisions.
  5. Implement SchoolMint’s Teacher Coaching and Development platform.
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