Creating and maintaining a student recruitment strategy that sustains enrollment year after year is vital to the success of any charter school. Successful student recruitment depends on the clear positioning of your school relative to other options and compelling messaging and branding combined with an effective integrated marketing and outreach plan.

View this webinar to learn about proven strategies that can dramatically improve your recruitment efforts. Hear firsthand from Lyman Millard, former VP, Communications of Breakthrough Charter Schools in Cleveland, Ohio and now partner with the Bloomwell Group, which works with charter schools nationwide on student recruitment and communications strategy.

Webinar discussion topics to include:

  • Building a Marketing Plan
  • Engaging Staff and Families in Recruitment
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • Community Engagement
  • Canvassing

This webinar is intended for charter school operators, marketers, and other staff. District administrators are welcome and can view this webinar: Differentiating Your District in an Era of Expanded Choice.

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