SchoolMint Text Message & Voice Call

Usage and Allotment Limits

SchoolMint software licenses include text messaging sufficient to meet the needs of most organizations, based on contract value. For customers purchasing an annual voice call license, an additional allotment of voice calls is also included.

Customer Annual
License Cost
Annual Ad Hoc
Text Message Allotment
Annual Voice Call Allotment
Under $2K 6,000 12,000
$2K to $5K 8,000 16,000
$5K to $10K 10,000 20,000
$10K to $15K 12,000 24,000
$15K to $25K 20,000 40,000
$25K to $50K 45,000 90,000
$50K to $100K 75,000 150,000
$100K to $250K 90,000 180,000
Over $250K 120,000 240,000

Text message thresholds apply to ‘ad hoc’ messages generated by users; messages generated automatically by the SchoolMint system are free of charge and do not count toward this allotment.

If necessary, additional messages/calls can be purchased through your SchoolMint Customer Success Manager for $240 per pack of 10,000 ad hoc text messages (or $300 per pack of 10,000 voice calls for customers with a voice call subscription).

Rates and allotments are subject to change periodically. If changes occur, we will notify all participating customers.