As school options multiply, families across the country face a more complicated process to choose, apply, and enroll in public schools – whether a traditional district school, a magnet school, a charter school, or another school option in an increasing array of choices.

In addition to the complex decision about choosing the best school for their child, parents have to keep track of multiple school applications and deadlines. Navigating a variety of school types, processes, and timelines is an overwhelming task and a barrier to school choice. To simplify this process and to expand access, several cities across the country are unifying their enrollment systems. Examples range from creating a common, shared application process for multiple schools to implementing a full “unified enrollment” system. Watch the recorded webinar and find out what it’s all about.

Webinar discussion topics:

  • ‘Unified’, ‘Universal’, ‘Common’ Enrollment – Aligning on Definitions & Terminology
  • Best Practices in Implementation – are there any?
  • Governance, Operational, and Political Considerations
  • Is your city ready for UE?
  • Does it Work? – Defining Success

Looking to build a successful unified enrollment system in your city? View our interview with Bentheny Gross to learn about considerations and guidelines that will set you up for success.


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