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Early childhood programs, such as Headstart, Public PreK, and Childcare Centers, across the country, use SchoolMint’s tools to improve operational efficiencies. Here’s how these tools can help! Our platform makes it easy for you to attract, enroll, and retain the families that best fit your program using income status verification and risk factor placement. Follow the leaders in your field by implementing software to provide better operational efficiencies and stay competitive.

Application & Lottery Management

Digitize, streamline, and accelerate the placement process by using customizable income verification standards and real-time status updates. Reduce paperwork, duplicative document uploading, as well as unnecessary, in-person meetings, walk-ins, and phone calls with this feature.


SchoolFinder® turns all your school data into one, easy-to-navigate mobile website where families research and make decisions.

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We offer an end-to-end admissions platform for early childhood organizations to help identify program types, core restrictions, and needs. Our tools will establish a coordinated enrollment application that fits your state, agency, and program type’s rules and regulations.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your early childhood education processes, follow the leaders in Preschool-12 strategic enrollment management and contact us below!

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