SchoolMint Case Study: Uncommon Schools

Boston, MA
Rochester, NY
Troy, NY

At Uncommon Schools located in Boston and in Rochester and Troy, New York, managing the application, lottery, and registration processes using a paper-based system contributed to clerical errors resulting in lost or incorrect student data. The network’s school operations team knew it needed a user-friendly technology solution that would capture and store student data electronically all in one place and provide an intuitive administrative workspace with an enhanced audit trail to prevent these issues from happening in the future.

The transition to SchoolMint’s online system allowed Uncommon Schools to minimize its paper trail and reduce the amount of errors, while improving the overall efficiency of its staff. “SchoolMint has significantly improved our data accuracy, boosted our efficiency, and saved our team a lot of time in the process, especially with lottery management,” said Jesika Anthony, network special projects coordinator for Uncommon Schools

“Having all the data in one place has been the most revolutionizing aspect for us as we can now easily manage students’ application statuses, trigger registrations, and communicate to parents. The system’s user friendliness has also benefitted families who are seeking admissions to our schools, enabling them to easily access an application online, view their child’s application status in real time, and also to complete registration forms online. It’s really helped transform the way we all operate.”

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