Network Facts

Location: Boston, Camden, New York City, Newark, Rochester, & Troy
K-12 Enrollment: 21,000
Staff: Not Noted
Certified: 3,000+ teachers
Administrators: Not Noted
Facilities/Buildings: 55

Demographics: 82% of students reported being economically disadvantaged.

From An Error-Prone Paper Based System To An Online, User-Friendly Application.

The Challenge

Clerical errors and incorrect, or all together lost, student data was becoming too common an occurrence with Uncommon Schools paper-based enrollment system. School administrators needed a new solution to capture and store data all in one place, with an audit trail, so that they could prevent these issues from happening in the future.

The Results (Quote):

“SchoolMint has significantly improved our data accuracy, boosted our efficiency, and saved our team a lot of time in the process, especially with lottery management.”

Jesika Anthony, Network Special Projects Coordinator for Uncommon Schools
  • Minimized school paper trails and significantly reduced the amount of student data errors.

  • Improved overall staff efficiency and reduced the time burden to allow staff to focus more on family support.

  • Revolutionized data use allowing staff to easily manage K-12 application statuses, trigger registrations, and keep up to date communication with parents.

  • Reduced the burden on families with a user-friendly interface and access to all steps of the student application process online.

The Solution

  1. Research online platforms to meet the needs of schools.
  2. Expand this centralized process to all schools and provide adequate training to school administrators.
  3. Communicate effectively with families to streamline the K-12 enrollment process and obtain information in a timely manner.
  4. Employ real-time data to guide student enrollment decisions