District Facts

Location: Vancouver, WA
K-12 Enrollment: 21,974
Staff: Approximately 3,300
Certified: 1,411 Teachers
Administrators: Not Noted
Facilities/Buildings: 30+

Demographics: 54.3% of students in the district reported being White and 27.9% Hispanic/Latino. 13.7 % reported being English Language Learners (ELL). 48.7% of students reported being economically disadvantaged.

Magnet School Accesses Real-time Data with Online Enrollment

The Challenge

Vancouver Public Schools (VPS) was ready for a change in the management of their K-12 application and lottery process for the magnet programs available in their district. The current system was cumbersome and time consuming for families and staff alike. “Our program coordinators weren’t able to view application data in real time,” said Wendi Russell, District CTE Director, “ so our district office staff would have to manually push out reports to them each week, which was tedious. We needed a better back-end data structure and analytics to manage the process and communicate with our families and students.”

The Results (Data Points):

Applications Managed in One Year
  • Provided real-time access to K-12 applications and application statuses for parents and staff to make student enrollment decisions.

  • Linked teacher and counselor recommendations to applications to ensure better placement for students.

  • Monitored and tracked annual application trend data, in ways unable to prior, in order to make data-based decisions in real time and to plan for the future.

The Solution

  1. Diagnose K-12 enrollment system deficiencies and research platforms to meet district needs.
  2. Implement an online student enrollment system application and manage data and communications through a streamlined process.
  3. Provide instant feedback to students and families to engage and complete the process to allow them to find the right educational placement.
  4. Utilize real-time data to guide current and future student enrollment decisions.