Charter / District School Partnership Hawthorne, CA

With an unprecedented district-charter relationship and a mission-aligned focus on doing what is in the best interests of all of the students and families they serve, Wiseburn Unified School District and Da Vinci Schools invested in SchoolMint to streamline and coordinate their enrollment processes across the K-12 continuum.

Wiseburn and Da Vinci wanted a more efficient and integrated way to manage the application, lottery, waitlist, and registration processes. “Using a paper-based system was not very user-friendly for our families and cleaning up and inputting all of our students’ data manually was time intensive for our staff,” said Gloria White, Data and Accountability Coordinator for the two organizations. “We needed a smoother way to handle our enrollment operations on both the district and charter sides.”

SchoolMint provided Wiseburn and Da Vinci with a common online system to manage their application, lottery, waitlist, and registration processes. SchoolMint was chosen because of its clean and accurate data entry process and its overall ease of use for staff and parents alike. “The feedback we’ve received across the board has been extremely positive,” said White. “In addition to making our enrollment processes more efficient, SchoolMint has helped to increase staff satisfaction, improve data integrity, and provide families with a consistent experience from the time their child enters kindergarten to the time they graduate.”

Wiseburn:DaVinci Case Study Information

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