Charter Network Facts

Location: Chicago, IL
K-12 Enrollment: 3,900+
Staff: Not Noted
Certified: Not Noted
Administrators: Not Noted
Facilities/Buildings: 9

Demographics: Approximately 74%% of students in the network reported being Black and 21% Hispanic. Approximately 12% reported being English Language Learners (ELL). Approximately 79% of students reported being economically disadvantaged.

Online Enrollment Saves Time And Money, Improves Data Access.

The Challenge

With a cumbersome and inefficient process in place, that combined both automated and manual student data entry, LEARN Charter School Network was spending too much time and manpower on their enrollment process. As Alexx Poston, the network’s Assistant Director of Operations and Compliance stated, “Our schools don’t run in silos, so we needed a way to consolidate student information so we could better manage the application, lottery, registration, and enrollment process.”

The Results (Data Points):

Applications Managed
  • With a fully online and integrated system, all student application and registration processes became easily accessible to both families and the administrative team.

  • Real-time data allowed information to be easily searchable and trends to be analyzed for quick feedback.

  • Opened up lines of communication with parents on application status and offers to save parents time and ease anxiety about the process.

The Solution

  1. Take inventory of current processes and research online applications to meet growing demands.
  2. Manage data and processes through the use of an online platform to make the process more efficient and accessible.
  3. Streamline information between families and staff to promote engagement in the process.
  4. Utilize real-time data to guide current and future K-12 enrollment decisions.