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The ultimate school showcase for family search. Promote your schools, shine a light on all the information families need when researching and discovering all school options.

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Help Them Find You

Market your schools and highlight their differentiating factors. Give families the answers they’re searching for with current, reliable information for all stages of the student journey.

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Detail Your Offerings

Educate families about their neighborhood school and inform families about additional schools and programs. Guide families to the schools that best fit their needs and interests.

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Encourage Enrollment

The premier tool families need to compare schools, make their final choice and take action to apply and enroll.

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Greeley-Evans, Weld County School District 6 in Colorado, Launches SchoolFinder Solution, Creating Clear Visibility to the Many Schools and Programs Available to Families

Greeley-Evans School District 6, Colorado

Saving Time and Ensuring Equity in K-12 Enrollment

“We are excited to bring SchoolFinder to our community in order to empower our families in researching all facets of our many diverse programs, pathways, and schools with this one-stop-shop solution,”

Andrew Palmer, District Director of Student Information Services

Concerns? We’ve got answers.

How do you promote your schools, and inform your families?

Bridge the information gap between schools and families. Take control over school narratives, shine a light on all the information families need, ultimately guide more students through your doors.

SchoolFinder tool
SchoolFinder tool

How do you maintain current online school profile information?

Say goodbye to stagnet data, say hello to easily updated school profiles. Turn all your school data into one, easy to navigate mobile website.

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