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Take back the front office. Say goodbye to long tardy lines and hours spent processing disciplinary instances. Automate and simplify the ins, outs, and back to class passes.

tardy dashboard
Tardy dashboard

Early Intervention + Intervention Before Suspension

Before chronic absenteeism comes chronic tardiness. Before academics slip, classes are skipped. Spot issues when and where they occur so you can intervene earlier, discover the root cause and solve problems before they get worse.

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Parent/ Guardian Engagement

Build parent outreach into your progressive discipline policy. Then when an infraction occurs, automatically send a notification or email a letter home. Increase family involvement and get support for your in-school, in-classroom efforts at home.

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Equitable Enforcement

Hero standardized the consequences for infractions from hallway to hallway and class to class. Non-discriminatory practice creates an equitable environment and treat all students fairly.

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One Application to Unite Them All: Organization Aids Schools with Centralized Enrollment System

Kansas City, Missouri

Implement PBIS on a School-Wide Scale
Acknowledged and recognize  positive behaviors
Incentivize continued positive behavior with a point system
Utilize real-time data to track and monitor student behavior and intervene when necessary

Decrease in Referrals and Suspensions

Concerns? We’ve got answers.

How do you get ahead of tardy to school and tardy to class student infractions before they turn into chronic absences?

Guide themjust as grades give students feedback about academics, Hero gives students feedback about their behavior  and teaches them to be accountable.

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Behavior Tracking software

How do you implement consistent and logical corrective responses to address and improve student behavior?

Explore implementing a school-wide positive behavior support system  and a digital platform to  support adoption,  fidelity and data driven decisions.

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