Charter Network Facts

Location: School across 3 states – Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York
K-12 Enrollment: 15,000
Staff: Not Noted
Certified: Not Noted
Administrators: Not Noted
Facilities/Buildings: 37

Demographics: 79% of students reported being economically disadvantaged.

CMO Reaped Reward: Automated School Lottery, Gained Actionable Data Insights.

The Challenge

With a network of over 30 schools across three different states, Achievement First struggled to manage waitlists for students applying for enrollment. They needed a way to monitor applications to multiple schools, execute their lottery system, and oversee nuances of their process, such as the lack of dynamic sibling preference —which is specifically applied to one sibling when another is already enrolled in one of their schools.

The Results (Data Points):

Schools Managing their Enrollment through One Integrated System
  • Seamless division of responsibility between the External Relations Team and schools.

  • Network-wide support for services, such as application entry, lottery execution, and family waitlist communications, which allows schools to focus specifically on family data.

  • Instant notification of lottery results, enabling quick acceptances and real-time data updates.

The Solution

  1. Evaluate current K-12 enrollment processes and needs from stakeholders.
  2. Implement an online data management system to provide a uniform process across the network of schools.
  3. Customize processes based on the needs of individual schools.
  4. Access real-time data to make decisions on student enrollment and effectively communicate with students and families.

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